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Our learning assemblies are a hit at any event, from preschoolers to high school. Our content will be suitable for the appropriate age group. Learn about our birds and find out which ones are endangered species. Other topics are where they come from, what they eat, their average age. So do birds make good pets? Find out at your next school assembly.


We make our presentations educational, interesting and fun for any age group. These sessions are ideal for a class between 20 and 40 students. Depending on size of the assembly we try to give everyone the opportunity get up close to our birds. This presentation is normally scheduled for one hour.


In addition to our educational sessions we also offer the opportunity for each child to hold and have their own picture taken with our birds. This can either be done inside the classroom or inside our Tropical Mobile Studio. Each child will receive their 4x6 photo with their favorite birds.


Thinking of a fundraiser, consider Smile for the Birdie for your school’s next fundraiser or charity event. We look forward to speaking to you about these opportunities.





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