Our trained handlers bring our friendly exotic birds to your seniors. Each one of our birds has their own special little personalities. Well, of course there is Jackson our bright Blue Macaw. He is all personality! Besides smiles, our birds will certainly promote a few laughs. Give our Moluccan Cockatoo, Ozzie the right environment and he just might have everyone on their feet dancing.


Not only will your Seniors learn about, and be in the presence of, these beautiful birds; but they will have the opportunity to hold and pet the birds. This is a terrific one-on-one experience with your guest. What an exciting alternative to pet therapy. As an added treat, special event or celebration your seniors will have the opportunity to have their picture taken with our colorful birds. We provide a tropical 8x12 backdrop theme. Our handlers will take a photo of each one of your seniors with our birds. We then print individual 4x6 photos for them to keep. This keepsake can be placed right by their bedside. We also have special family rates which includes a 5x7 for the bedside and a 5x7 for the family to take home.



Smile for the Birdie bring families together!

We have so much to be thankful for to our seniors. Often, these same people who raised us, comforted, and nurtured us, don’t get the same daily enjoyment. What better way to bring the family together for a Saturday, Sunday, special family day, or Luau? This is something new for the whole family to take in and experience.


Senior Communities have discovered that celebrations of holidays and other significant events during the years provide residents with a sense of continuity fulfillment from their formerly private lives. Entertainment makes the transition to living in a retirement community more pleasant for all residents. Smile for the birdie brings a greater social interaction and mental stimulation. Enjoyment, relaxation, tranquil setting and stimulating entertainment can be a deciding factor when selecting a retirement community.




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Activities Directors, for packages, pricing and details please go to our “contact us” link. We offer additional corporate discounts for multiple site bookings. We also offer discounts for monthly or bimonthly gathering.





Just when your seniors thought they have seen it all, and tried it all, we have something guaranteed to put a smile of each and every one of their faces.

We are Smile for the Birdie!


Have your seniors experienced something new exciting and unique lately? Whether your facility is a Senior Day Care, Assisted Living Center, or a senior with special needs, we provide them with a fun filled gathering. They’ll certainly be given something to talk about.




 Animals enrich the lives of everyone…..especially the elderly. We occasionally hear from some of our senior friends we have had the privilege to work with. They often mention that the connection they made with our birds brought back memories of an early family pet.



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Putting a smile on everyone's face

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