Hi! My name is showtime!


And I'm one of Dad Joe's rescues. I have had 5 owners in the past 16 years.

I guess I never got out of my terrible two’s.


Dad Joe has warned me several times to behave. I might have pushed his last button this past week. He mumbled something about taking me to El Pollo Loco and making a #2 special out of me.


That's our board room above. Yep this is where we decide what event we are going to and which one of us are going. Days like this it’s nice to be outside.



Us feathered kids are

working hard for your



I just want to let everyone know if you see us at an event your generous tips are much appreciated. We are all saving for something. Besides we want to help out Dad Joe with all the terrific meals he prepares for us. We start out with Omar’s special blend, fresh fruits and vegetables. Oh, by the way there’s spoiled Jackson. The guy gets macadamia nuts every day! Geez ever try to break one of those nuts, he’s a quack! Just look at him, seems like he is always taking a break!



Our tips are going towards...


“Jackson” Saving tips to visit his brother in Brazil.

“Ozzie” Saving tips for the next Ozzie Osborn Concert.

“Mango” Saving tips with Phoenix to take a trip to Maui.

“Phoenix” Saving tips with Mango to take a trip to Maui.

“Sancho” Saving tips for flying lessons.

“Showtime” Saving tips for a new guitar.

“Jimmy” Saving tips to take Jamba out on a date.

“Jamba” Saving tips for new feather extensions

“Merlin” Saving tips for new chew toys.

“Bailey” Saving tips for her own 3lbs bag of pistachios.

“Zach and Cody” Saving to have a bigger cage one day.

“Boomer and Fireball” They are new so they’re still learning the ropes before they get any tips.


  Welcome to the smile for the birdie board room

- the place where all our big decisions get made!

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