For more information about making your home a permanent stay for one of our birdie neighbors, visit Omar's Exotic Birds' website below.


Thinking about an Exotic Bird, Handfed Baby or Rescue?


Thank you for taking interest in our passion. Putting smiles on everyone’s face is our pleasure.  We like to think all of our babies are happy and smiling. We strive to give them the best living conditions. Some of our birds have come to us as a rescue.


If you are considering an exotic bird please take the time to learn about these beautiful birds. It takes a certain person and commitment to own an exotic bird. Think about having a two year old for the rest of your life. Yep, they never grow out of this stage. They require between 2-3 hours of your time every day.  They are in many ways like a child. The more time you spend with them the better bird you have.


We highly recommend Omar’s Exotic Birds if your considering a handfed baby. Starting out with a handfed baby bird is a nice way for your new baby to bond with you and your family. Omar’s Exotic birds is an excellent source for E-books for learning about behaviors and care for exotic birds. Omar’s is also an incredible source for all your bird’s needs.


 Occasionally, Smile for the Birdie will take in a rescue. Please fill free to contact us. We will see where we can help out. Maybe your bird can be an addition to our feathered friends. If at any time we are unable to take in your bird we can make suggestions for another rescue.





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Putting a smile on everyone's face

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